10 Best Barbra Streisand Songs of All Time

Sure, here’s a list of what many consider to be the 10 best Barbra Streisand songs of all time, along with brief descriptions of each:


“People” (1964) – This iconic song from the musical “Funny Girl” showcases Streisand’s powerful vocals and emotional depth as she sings about the importance of human connection.


“The Way We Were” (1973) – This classic ballad, from the film of the same name, earned Streisand an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Its nostalgic lyrics and haunting melody continue to resonate with audiences.


“Don’t Rain on My Parade” (1964) – Another standout from “Funny Girl,” this energetic and defiant anthem has become a signature song for Streisand, with its message of resilience and determination.


“Evergreen” (1976) – Co-written by Streisand for the film “A Star Is Born,” this romantic ballad became a massive hit and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Its timeless melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a favorite among fans.


“Somewhere” (1985) – Streisand’s rendition of this classic song from “West Side Story” is filled with longing and hope, showcasing her exceptional vocal range and emotional depth.


“My Man” (1965) – Streisand’s rendition of this torch song from “Funny Girl” is raw and powerful, as she channels the pain and heartache of her character’s tumultuous relationship.


“Memory” (1981) – Streisand’s rendition of this iconic song from the musical “Cats” is haunting and evocative, capturing the bittersweet nostalgia of the lyrics with her soulful delivery.


“On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)” (1970) – The title track from one of Streisand’s early albums, this uplifting song showcases her soaring vocals and effortless charm, making it a timeless favorite.


“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” (1978) – Streisand’s duet with Neil Diamond on this heartfelt ballad became a chart-topping hit, capturing the pain of lost love with its poignant lyrics and emotional delivery.


“Papa, Can You Hear Me?” (1983) – From the film “Yentl,” this haunting ballad showcases Streisand’s emotional depth and vulnerability as she sings about the longing for her father’s guidance and approval.


These songs represent just a fraction of Barbra Streisand’s incredible catalog, but they have left an indelible mark on audiences around the world, showcasing her unparalleled talent as a singer and performer.

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