Dan Shaughnessy tells a few uncommon stories about Larry Bird from the Celtics in the 1980s.

As one of the most renowned sports journalists covering the Boston Celtics during the 1980s, Dan Shaughnessy has a treasure trove of uncommon stories about Larry Bird, the iconic figure who defined an era for the Celtics. Here are a few anecdotes that shed light on Bird’s remarkable character and influence:


  1. The Notorious Trash-Talking: Bird was infamous for his relentless trash-talking on the court, often using mind games to rattle opponents. Shaughnessy recalls a particular instance during a heated game against the Los Angeles Lakers when Bird bet his entire game check on a seemingly impossible shot. With seconds left on the clock, Bird calmly sank the shot, leaving both teammates and opponents in awe of his audacity and skill.


  1. The Legendary Work Ethic: Behind Bird’s on-court brilliance was an unparalleled work ethic. Shaughnessy recounts the countless hours Bird spent honing his craft, from arriving early for practice to staying late for extra shooting drills. Bird’s dedication inspired teammates and coaches alike, setting a standard of excellence for the entire Celtics organization.


  1. The Prankster Extraordinaire: Despite his intense focus during games, Bird had a playful side off the court. Shaughnessy shares anecdotes of Bird’s mischievous pranks in the locker room, from hiding teammates’ shoes to pulling elaborate practical jokes. Bird’s humor helped foster camaraderie among the Celtics and provided much-needed levity during the pressures of a long NBA season.


  1. The Clutch Performer: Bird had a knack for delivering in the clutch, earning him the nickname “Larry Legend.” Shaughnessy recounts numerous instances where Bird single-handedly turned the tide of a game with his clutch shots and clutch plays. Whether it was a buzzer-beating three-pointer or a game-saving steal, Bird’s heroics became the stuff of Celtics folklore, solidifying his status as one of the greatest players in NBA history.


These uncommon stories offer a glimpse into the complex and fascinating persona of Larry Bird during his illustrious tenure with the Boston Celtics. Through his skill, work ethic, humor, and clutch performances, Bird left an indelible mark on the NBA and cemented his legacy as a true basketball legend.

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