David Beckham explains what ‘should happen’ at Manchester United after Sir Jim Ratcliffe deal

David Beckham hopes Sir Jim Ratcliffe can deliver a positive change to Man United after he takes part-ownership of the club.

David Beckham believes that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has to find managerial stability in order to bring about positive change at Manchester United.

Beckham, 48, remains a keen follower of the club and has often spoken out about United’s ownership issues. He helped Sir Alex Ferguson lift six Premier League titles, two FA Cups and one European Cup before leaving to join Real Madrid in 2003.

He told Sportstar: “I am a true Manchester United fan who only wants the good for our club and only wants us to get back to top level again. But that has to start at the top. It has to start with ownership.

“We have talked about the change that should happen. I have been very vocal about Manchester United needing a change. When Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down in 2013, there was always going to be a dip. You can’t stay at the top level.


“But we stayed put for the amount of years because we had the stability of having someone like Sir Alex Ferguson, our manager. Now we have had quite a few managers over the last 10 years and that is unfortunate because it brings the stability that we had with Sir Alex Ferguson, you don’t have that anymore. It shows in the way we play.”

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