Manchester United players opt for replicas amid kit problems, adidas promises to fix them

Red Devils players, including goalkeeper, Andre Onana, have worn replica jerseys in official games

It seems the Red Devils are experiencing some discomfort this season, and it’s not just on the pitch.


Players have raised complaints about their adidas kits being uncomfortably tight, particularly the stitching on their home socks and the goalkeeper jersey.

Multiple players in Erik ten Hag’s team have reportedly found their socks to be too snug, with some even resorting to cutting holes in the fabric to alleviate the tightness.


The stitching of the club’s devil logo on the socks is said to be the main culprit in making them fit too tightly.


To address this issue, adidas has temporarily replaced the socks with identical ones minus the logo, with plans to fix the stitching in the future.

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