MASSIVE Trade Rumours Regarding the Celtics: Are they Trading Kelly Olynyk? Delon Wright and Andre Drummond, FT

The Boston Celtics are a team perennially in the mix for championship contention, and with the recent surge of trade rumors, it seems they might be looking to make significant moves to solidify their roster. The latest buzz involves the potential acquisition of Kelly Olynyk, Andre Drummond, and Delon Wright, three players who could potentially reshape the dynamics of the Celtics’ lineup.

Kelly Olynyk’s Potential Return to Boston

Kelly Olynyk, a familiar face to Celtics fans, has been floated as a possible trade target. Olynyk, who was drafted by the Celtics in 2013 and played with them until 2017, is known for his shooting ability and versatility as a big man. His presence could address some of Boston’s needs, particularly in terms of floor spacing and frontcourt depth.

Olynyk’s time with the Celtics was marked by notable moments, including his standout performance in Game 7 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Washington Wizards, where he scored 26 points. His ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting and his high basketball IQ would make him a valuable asset in Boston’s system, which often emphasizes ball movement and spacing.

Since leaving Boston, Olynyk has played for the Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, and Detroit Pistons. His experience and skill set have continued to evolve, and he has proven to be a reliable contributor wherever he goes. Bringing Olynyk back could provide the Celtics with a versatile frontcourt player who understands the culture and expectations of the team.

The Andre Drummond Factor

Andre Drummond is another name linked with the Celtics in these trade rumors. Drummond, a two-time All-Star, is known for his rebounding prowess and defensive presence. At 6’10” and with a muscular build, Drummond would bring much-needed size and physicality to the Celtics’ frontcourt.

Boston has struggled with rebounding in recent seasons, often finding themselves outmatched on the boards. Drummond’s career average of 13.3 rebounds per game indicates that he could immediately address this weakness. Additionally, his shot-blocking ability would enhance Boston’s interior defense, making it more difficult for opponents to score in the paint.

However, integrating Drummond into the Celtics’ system could present some challenges. His offensive game is somewhat limited, primarily revolving around scoring in the paint and put-backs. For the Celtics, who rely heavily on spacing and three-point shooting, fitting Drummond into their offensive scheme would require some adjustments. Nevertheless, his defensive and rebounding capabilities could make him a valuable addition, especially in matchups against teams with dominant big men.

Delon Wright’s Versatility

Delon Wright, currently with the Washington Wizards, is another player reportedly on the Celtics’ radar. Wright is a versatile guard who can play both backcourt positions, known for his defensive acumen and ability to facilitate the offense. His versatility and defensive skills would be a significant boost for the Celtics, who have at times struggled with consistency in their backcourt.

Wright’s ability to guard multiple positions and his knack for creating turnovers would fit well with the Celtics’ defensive-minded approach. Offensively, he can run the point, allowing Marcus Smart and other guards to play off the ball more frequently. His career averages of 7.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game may not jump off the page, but his impact goes beyond the stat sheet. Wright’s basketball IQ and ability to contribute in various facets of the game would provide the Celtics with a reliable and adaptable option off the bench.

Potential Trade Packages

The Celtics have several assets they could use in potential trades. Young players like Payton Pritchard, Grant Williams, and even some draft picks might be included in various trade scenarios to bring in veterans like Olynyk, Drummond, and Wright. Additionally, veterans like Al Horford and Marcus Smart could be part of the trade discussions, depending on the exact needs and aspirations of the Celtics’ front office.

One hypothetical trade package could involve sending Al Horford and a young player or draft pick to the Detroit Pistons for Kelly Olynyk and a future second-round pick. This trade would bring back a familiar face in Olynyk while providing the Pistons with a veteran leader in Horford.

For Andre Drummond, the Celtics might consider a package centered around Marcus Smart and a first-round pick to the Chicago Bulls, Drummond’s current team. This trade would give the Bulls a defensive stalwart in Smart, while the Celtics would significantly upgrade their rebounding and interior defense.

Acquiring Delon Wright could be a bit simpler, potentially involving a trade of Payton Pritchard and a second-round pick to the Washington Wizards. This move would provide the Wizards with a promising young guard in Pritchard, while the Celtics would gain a versatile and experienced backcourt player in Wright.

Strategic Fit and Championship Aspirations

The potential addition of Olynyk, Drummond, and Wright would strategically address several of the Celtics’ current weaknesses. Olynyk’s shooting and versatility would enhance their offensive spacing and frontcourt depth. Drummond’s rebounding and defensive presence would solve the team’s struggles on the boards and in protecting the rim. Wright’s versatility and defensive skills would strengthen the backcourt, providing additional stability and flexibility.

These moves would signal the Celtics’ commitment to competing at the highest level and their desire to maximize the prime years of stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. The Eastern Conference is highly competitive, with teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and Miami Heat all vying for supremacy. To keep pace with these powerhouses, the Celtics need to address their roster’s shortcomings and ensure they have the depth and versatility required for a deep playoff run.


The trade rumors involving Kelly Olynyk, Andre Drummond, and Delon Wright highlight the Boston Celtics’ proactive approach to improving their roster. Each of these players brings unique skills that could address the team’s current needs and bolster their championship aspirations. While integrating new players always comes with challenges, the potential benefits could outweigh the risks, positioning the Celtics as a formidable contender in the Eastern Conference. As the trade deadline approaches, it will be interesting to see if these rumors materialize into actual moves, and if so, how they will impact the Celtics’ quest for their next NBA title.

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