Orioles Issues: Should They Trade Anthony Santander or Austin Hays?

Orioles Issues: Should They Trade Anthony Santander or Austin Hays?



The Baltimore Orioles face a challenging decision regarding outfielders Austin Hays and Anthony Santander. Both players have shown flashes of promise, but the team’s direction and needs may dictate whether they choose to trade one of them.

Austin Hays, known for his speed and defensive prowess, has displayed bursts of offensive potential but has struggled with consistency and injuries. On the other hand, Anthony Santander has demonstrated power at the plate and the ability to drive in runs, although he too has battled injuries and defensive limitations.

The Orioles must weigh several factors in determining which player to trade, including their long-term plans, the return they could receive in a trade, and each player’s injury history and potential for future growth.

Trading Hays could bring in prospects or pieces that better fit the team’s rebuilding strategy, while keeping Santander might provide more immediate offensive production. Conversely, dealing Santander could fetch a higher return due to his established power numbers, while retaining Hays could allow the team to develop his skills further.

Ultimately, the Orioles’ decision will hinge on their assessment of each player’s value to the team’s future success and their willingness to part with either player in pursuit of their rebuilding efforts.

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